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Golf Psychology

Golf Psychology Video 2 – Self Talk

Everyone has an internal dialogue going on at some points of a golf round, but many are unaware how damaging self criticism can be to your long term confidence. Here I go into detail about how to talk to yourself for best results.You need to login to view the rest of the content. Please Login.…

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Golf Psychology

Golf Psychology Video 1 – Beliefs

If you challenge a person’s beliefs they will usually defend them at all costs, here I explain how we actually often quite randomly invent our beliefs! This can be damaging or beneficial based on whether the belief is empowering or not. This is critical stuff if you're serious about being good at golf.You need to…

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Golf Attitude

Attitude Video 7 – Patience

Patience is a virtue, well there certainly is not a more vital quality for a person to possess in golf. It is also a character trait that has been held in high regard by many very powerful people, a few of which I give mention to here.You need to login to view the rest of…

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Attitude Video 5 – Trust

What is confidence? Well most of it is trust and if you dont trust yourself who else can you turn to on the course? At some point you must swing with one simple thought and trust that the shot can come off, so I hope this video will give you some idea of how to…

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