Bunker Equipment and Bounce – Video 1

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Having the right equipment is so important in all of golf, but it is magnified further when in the sand, so listen carefully to my recommendations!

Something to consider in this video is when I talk about what sand you play from the most at your home club in order to decide on the right amount of bounce for your wedges, but you should also consider the turf type and fairway length. For instane if your club has very tight fairways and firm turf, like a links course, then less bounce is better and more bounce if generally your turf is soft with longer fairways.The good news is generally on link courses the firm fairways match the sand type, but if you are unlucky and play somewhere with deep sand and firm fairways, then you must compromise and go for mid bounce between 6 and 9 degrees.

Sounds complicated, but read this over and watch the video as much as you need to and you will grasp it the concept I promise! Better still come and see me for a lesson!

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