Bunker Distance Control – Video 4

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Here I give you some very simple distance control techniques and advice. It really is most consistent to play the ball from the same set up, with the same strike point in the sand and simply change club to progressively hit it further.

You must be careful with the less lofted wedges like the 52 and 48 as these generally have less bounce and can stick in the sand easier, so make sure you open the club to at least the 45 degree angle as I explain in the set up video, as this will ensure you use the optimum amount of bounce possible.

One more point to consider is that the sand will absorb a lot of energy and you must get used to hitting aggressively relative to the distance you see with the eye. This can be difficult at first, but if you open that club and use the bounce you will find you can be really positive which leads to improved confidence.

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