Bunker Play

Bunker Equpment and Bounce

Bunker Equipment and Bounce – Video 1

Having the right equipment is so important in all of golf, but it is magnified further when in the sand, so listen carefully to my recommendations! Something to consider in this video is when I talk about what sand you play from the most at your home club in order to decide on the right…

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Bunker set up and Alignment

Bunker Set Up and Alignment – Video 2

Bunker shots are the only shots where we should virtually never strike the ball itself. We should actually explode the ball onto the green by hitting the sand underneath it with the required force. To help us do this we must position the ball forward and adopt a wide stance. There are alignment issues as…

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Bunker swing Technique 3

Bunker Swing Technique – Video 3

Bunker technique does not have to be complicated and here I hopefully give you some great images and simple exercises to get you striking the sand with consistent depth and accuracy time after time. You need to login to view the rest of the content. Please Login. Not a Member? Join Us

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Bunkers Video 4

Bunker Distance Control – Video 4

Here I give you some very simple distance control techniques and advice. It really is most consistent to play the ball from the same set up, with the same strike point in the sand and simply change club to progressively hit it further. You must be careful with the less lofted wedges like the 52…

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Uphill Bunker Shot – Video 5

The uphill lie can be daunting but here you will learn some easy set up changes and club selection choices to take the fear away!You need to login to view the rest of the content. Please Login. Not a Member? Join Us

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Downhill Bunker Shot

Downhill Bunker Shot – Video 6

The downhill lie is pretty much the antithesis of the uphill lie! However you must exert more caution with this one, as generally getting the ball close from here is more difficult. As a result adjusting your expectations is critical and focussing on just getting out is often the best strategy.You need to login to…

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Bunker Plugged Lie

Bunker Plugged Lie – Video 7

The dreaded plugged lie need not be so scary if you follow the swing and set up changes here. Expectations again should be adjusted, but actually with practice you can get quite good at predicting what a plugged ball will do and sometimes surprise yourself by putting it close!You need to login to view the…

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Uphill Plugged Bunker shot

Bunker Plugged Lie In The Face – Video 8

The plugged lie in the face will need some slight adjustments to a flat plugged lie, but does sometimes offer a better chance to get height and exert some control over the ball.You need to login to view the rest of the content. Please Login. Not a Member? Join Us

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